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Asteroids occulting a star
There are wonderful events on the sky when a planet or an asteroid occults a star. Especially it is exciting when the asteroid is so dim that it is invisible, but the star is bright. In this case, it looks like a star suddenly disappears for a while! However, it is equally interesting to see how one bright object occults another. Surely, it is worth to be aware of such an event in advance in order to look at the star at the right time.

Next months there will be several cases when a planet (or the Moon) occults a star, but none when it happens by means of an asteroid. Nevertheless, do not worry! RedShift gives you such a possibility. Just run our program, update there orbits of several bright asteroids that occulted a star earlier this year (to get a more reliable picture), set the right time in the past, and enjoy the events!

File with multiple data of all objects of this section related to the actual year
(Status of 12/05/2023: 431 objects)

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