Updates - RedShift 7

RedShift 7 Service Pack 1 of Dec, 2009

  • Improvements:
    • Adjustment to new Nvidea drivers
    • A smoother rendering
    • Numerical integration of dwarf planets motion
    • Updated database of galaxies
    • additional bugfix for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixes in:
    • Motion prediction of near-parabolic comets
    • Calculation of conjuctions
    • Add/Edit Objects
    • and some others
Attention! The installation of the SP1 for Redshift 7 is only necessary for older versions of the Redshift 7 DVD. The recently sold DVDs and the Download Edition do not require installation of SP1. The changes are already included.

How to check your version of Redshift: Open Redshift 7, and select "About Redshift 7" from the "Info" menu. A window pops up. If the version of Redshift shown in the window's title bar is 7.2 or higher, the installation of SP1 is not required. If the version is lower, or no version number is given, we strongly recommend the installation of SP1.

Download the 1st update for RedShift 7 Premium (SP 1)Download the 1st update for RedShift 7 Premium (SP 1)
Status: Jan 2010 (62,3 MB)