Redshift 8 Compact - Download Edition

The professional planetarium software for beginners

Redshift 8 Compact - Download Edition

Contents: Download for Win

ISBN: 978-3-8032-7673-5

Only $16.99

Explore the Universe with the compact version of the top-selling planetarium software Redshift 8! Take off on spectacular 3-D flights to visit countless celestial bodies or explore the night sky at any time from any location. In Redshift 8 positions and motions of celestial bodies are calculated and simulated precisely. Detailed surface maps and photo-realistic representations show planets, moons, stars and galaxies in their full beauty and splendor.

  1. Comprehensive planetarium including real-time calculation of positions of stars and planets
  2. Fascinating 3-D flights featuring a breathtaking view towards our solar system and options to land of a planet’s surface
  3. Impressive representations of planets, all major moons and well-known Deep Sky objects
  4. Simulations of 2,500,000 stars (from Hipparcos and Tycho 2 star catalogs), 70,000 Deep Sky objects, 10,000 asteroids as well as 2,000 comets and dwarf planets
  5. Professional Sky Diary calculating eclipses and conjunctions for any location
  6. The ability to download up-to-date orbital data for 2,000 artificial satellites, comets and asteroids visible from Earth
  7. Comprehensive Dictionary of Astronomy and interactive Guided Tours of the night skies, including illustrative images and animations
    Umfangreiches Planetarium zur Berechnung der Stern- und Planeten-Positionen in Echtzeit

System Requirements

Operating System: WinXP (SP 2)/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10
CPU Type: Athlon/Pentium 2 GHz
Graphics: 1024 x 768, OpenGL compatible, True Color (32 Bit)
DVD-ROM speed: 2x
Hard Disk Space: 680 MB
Audio: 16 Bit
Internet access for online features