Redshift - Astronomy for iOS

The award winning Astronomy Software Redshift for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Redshift - Astronomy for iOS



Only $11.99

Redshift brings the night sky to your desktop, with all major and dwarf planets, constellations and bright stars – displayed in top quality. The application goes beyond the basic planetarium because it also displays a 3D-model of the nearby part of our Galaxy.

Perform various amazing 3D-flights and visit the Moon and all planets in our Solar system. Detailed surface maps display those objects in a close-up right before your eyes. Once you have arrived at your target object, you can enter into an orbit around the celestial body – just like an astronaut in a real spacecraft.


  • More than 100,000 stars, 500 fascinating Deep Sky objects, 30 biggest asteroids, 10 famous comets visiting our planet, all major and dwarf planets, as well as Earth’s Moon
  • Comprehensive astronomical data for all celestial objects: name (as referred to in various catalogues), distance, type, luminosity, size, rise and set times - Integrated display of information gathered from Wikipedia
  • “Follow Sky“ mode: watch the current sky view and immediately identify a bright star or planet in front of you
  • Breathtaking 3-D flights to the Moon, planets and stars
  • “Observatory“ option: presents you many fascinating objects shining on the Earth’s sky - “Day/Night” mode and realistic simulation of dawn
  • “Night Vision” mode for observations during the night
  • „Time travel“: Create night sky views for any location at any time in the past or in the future - Location: Choose automatic search via GPS or select manually on the Earth’s globe
  • Select from several background sound effects
  • Select panoramic views as your individual horizon
  • Upgrade to Redshift Pro via In-App purchase