Updates - RedShift 4

RedShift 4 upgrade v.4.2.5
This download fixes the following:
  • Option "Printing" is added to the Object Info and Sky Diary
  • Telrad circles can be printed now
  • Spacecraft orbital data can now be entered in TLE format
  • Alphabetical sorting of user objects
  • Predicting the motion of user objects
  • Shadow of Saturn
  • Cometary motion before BC epoch
  • Motion of some spacecraft
  • Eclipse search issues
  • Calculating Venus magnitude
  • Solar magnitude variations are now calculated
  • A drift in galactic coordinates
  • Saving home location at south latitudes
  • Proper motions of some stars and some other minor bugs.

Download RedShift 4 upgradeDownload RedShift 4 upgrade (Version 4.2.5)

Patch for the installer of RedShift 4 published by CINEGRAM Note: it is not necessary to change the installers of RedShift 4 published by other distributors.

Download RedShift 4 SetupDownload RedShift 4 Setup (CINEGRAM Version)