Commercial Space Tavel

Vacation in Space with Mr Branson

Splashy businessman and entrepreneur Richard Branson unveiled the world's first commercial spaceship on Monday. "We want this program to be a whole new beginning in a commercial era of space travel," Branson said of the 65 feet long "SpaceShip Two".

On Monday 7th December Virgin Galactic unveiled SpaceShipTwo to the world at Mojave Spaceport, California. 800 press, future astronauts and VIP guests gathered in the desert for a press conference and to view the roll out of the world’s first commercial "spaceline".

Governors Bill Richardson and Arnold Schwarzenegger both contributed at the press conference, celebrating this huge milestone and also joining Holly, Richard’s daughter in naming the spaceship, VSS Enterprise.

Despite gale force winds and stormy weather, guests gathered on the runway after the press conference to see SpaceShipTwo for the first time. The spaceship was carried down the runway by her mothership, VMS Eve, to a spectacular display of lights, music and snow which only helped increase the anticipation of her arrival and excitement and awe as she appeared before the crowds.

Already more than 300 people registered to take the flight for a small fee of $200,000. SpaceShip Two will be carried to a height of 50,000 feet by its carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, from where it will fire its own rocket motor and climb to 360,000 feet (68 miles) above Earth. That is far enough away from the surface to allow the up to eight passengers to experience six awesome minutes of weightlessness. The high paying space pilgrim will see the curvature of the Earth as well.

"NASA spent billions upon billions of dollars on space travel and has only managed to send 480 people," Branson said. "We are literally hoping to send thousands of people into space over the next couple of years. We want to make sure that we build a spaceship that is 100- percent safe."

Source: Virgin Galactic