Satellite debris comes too close

Space Junk almost delays Space Walk

Just a few hours before the scheduled spacewalk the astronauts had to change the course of the ISS to steer clear of a piece of space junk. NASA feared that the remains of Chinese satellite with a diameter of about four inches could come dangerously close to the space station during the spacewalk.

On the 12th of March the astronauts already had to take refuge in the Soyuz Russian capsule due to a collision threat from the flying debris, since it was too late for an evasion maneuver. Luckily the space junk passed by without doing any harm.

The two astronauts Joseph Acaba and Richard Arnold prepare for the third and last spacewalk this afternoon. The last time Acaba and Swanson failed to install a container. Now a new attempt could be made according to NASA spokesman Bill Jeffs.

However the completion of the ISS came closer as the solar sail was installed, which will make it possible to reach the final power of 120 kilowatts. The astronauts also installed a GPS antenna on the space laboratory Kibo. The antenna will help to remote control the HTV probe bringing supplies for the laboratory. In addition the battery exchange planned for June was prepared successfully.