The Redshift 7 Product-Family

Customize your Redshift today!

Individual upgrades through plugins are a great way to customize Redshift and add all the functions you always wanted. Through plugins you can add more stars and you can jump easily from level to level, so from the free Redshift Launcher to Compact, to Advanced and to Premium. Make Redshift your ultimate tool for astronomy on your computer now!

Redshift 7 grows with your needs

Try Redshift 7 for free today. Download the free Redshift 7 Launcher and install the free Dictionary and Photo Gallery Plugin, the publish-functionality and three new exciting panoramas and sounds.

Redshift 7 Launcher and Redshift 7 Compact were designed specifically to cover the basic needs of people who are new to astronomy software. Redshift 7 Advanced empowers the hobby astronomer and specialist alike to travel the almost endless universe. The virtual observatory combines fantastic images with scientifically exact data for an unforgettable experience. Countless unique features such as telescope and joystick control, macro- and movie-recorder to create your own tours are making Redshift 7 Premium to the program, that was selected as official product of International Year of Astronomy 2009.